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Supply chain management involves everything from sourcing raw materials to overseeing quality control of a finished product — and all the steps in between. A career in this field is an excellent choice for anyone who can both think broadly about complex issues and drill down to identify problems at the granular level. Vista College offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management for anyone interested in this challenging field.

Students can typically complete Vista College’s Associate of Applied Science Degree in Supply Chain Management in 25 months of full-time study.* The program is delivered entirely online and includes 1,010 hours of project-based learning. Graduates go on to apply for a range of fast-paced roles in the field of supply chain management, often with strong potential for growth as you begin using your skills in a real-world setting.

*Successful, Full-time enrollment is required to achieve stated completion dates.

Manufacturers today work with increasingly complex global supply chains. A supply chain manager’s role is to look at the broader operational, logistical, environmental, and other implications of these diverse networks. Successfully doing so requires a well-developed ability to solve technical, theoretical, and interdisciplinary problems, often working with stakeholders spread out across vast geographic areas. Many industries may also require a thorough understanding of global regulations and other issues such as:

  • Keeping costs down at all stages of the supply chain
  • Finding national or international sources for raw materials or services
  • Analyzing and making recommendations to improve a manufacturer’s productivity and efficiency
  • Overseeing quality management processes and systems

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Improve efficiency in logistics, procurement, and distribution
  • Solve real-world issues faced in the supply chain management environment
  • Gain a multi-functional awareness of the various activities and issues impacting supply chain’s performance
  • Understand the importance of business ethics and social responsibility to an organization’s everyday operations

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