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Develop the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career in law in as little as 70 weeks by attending day or evening classes.* With classes starting every five weeks, you’ll never have to wait long to start your paralegal education at Vista College.

What Does a Paralegal Associate of Applied Science Involve?

  • Filing case documents
  • Taking witness statements
  • Preparing briefing notes
  • Attending court hearings

The primary responsibility of a paralegal is to support a lawyer, which means a paralegal’s work varies greatly depending on the kind of law the attorney practices and his or her level of expertise.

With a paralegal AAS Degree, you will be able to successfully prepare legal documents, briefs, pleadings and contracts. You will also be able to perform legal research to help attorneys prepare a case. In essence, you will be the invaluable “right hand” that attorneys need to serve the best interests of their clients.


*Successful, Full-time enrollment is required to achieve stated completion dates.

When you earn a Paralegal Associate of Applied Science Degree, you’re giving yourself the chance to have a fulfilling career in a law office or corporate legal department. With your AAS Degree, you’ll be able to seek work under the tutelage of an attorney who specializes in criminal law, family law, civil litigation, contract law, estate planning, or another area of the law.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Outline legal documents
  • Prepare legal briefs
  • Draft contracts
  • Transcribe depositions and statements
  • Perform legal research

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