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Dental assistants need exceptional interpersonal skills to greet patients as they enter the treatment area, and strong administrative skills, medical education, and hands-on training.

Dental assisting tasks include equipment sterilization, proper applications of common dental equipment, assisting with dental records, communicating with patients, maintaining patient confidentiality, preparing dental materials and much more.

Most dental assistants work in:

  • Public or privately run dental offices; or
  • Healthcare offices that provide dental services.

Dental assistants typically work normal business hours and may be full-time or part-time employees.

Our courses provide you with the knowledge and skills for a fulfilling career as a dental assistant.

You will learn about how to work with dental equipment such as x-ray machines, how to prevent cross-contamination, understand the scope of oral hygiene and common oral problems like gum disease, and how to optimize the patient experience.

Our Dental Assistant Diploma program focuses on:

  • Safety and procedural compliance in the dental industry
  • Equipment sterilization
  • Documentation of patient medical records
  • How to maintain the comfort of patients during all levels of invasive dental procedures
  • Knowing the roles of co-workers and assisting them.

After completing the classroom learning component of the program, you will experience your externship in a dental office environment, furthering your learning in real-world situations with networking opportunities.

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